Julie Grace Immink is a street and social documentary photographer living in Los Angeles, CA. She was born in the wagon of a traveling show. Her work is whimsical, unusual, provocative, and humanistic.  Exploring the streets with her camera is how she connects to the surrounding world. Her photographs of human settlement are saturated with thoughts on life, death, faith and community. She gains inspiration from anything old and broken but believes in healing and restoration.  She studied photography at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

"You have a whimsical street eye that is excellent"
 Mary Ellen Mark-Photographer

"Julie has a great eye and a better brain"
Don Camera-Photographer

"She freezes time.....an architect of change, stimulating the grey matter through photography; exposing the fact that our minds have  been crusted shut with the everyday mucus that is our routine and forcing the viewers to pry their inner eye open and expose it to the beauty that is; old diner folk smoking cigarettes with coffee stained teeth"
Abiezer Galloza- Street Artist