Graduations 2024 for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

I covered graduations for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. See some images here and here.


Ocular Prosthetics

See some of my latest photos about the fabrication of ocular prosthetics for the Journal Sentinel:


2024 Prom

See my gallery of images from the Golda Meir prom for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:


Protest photos

See a few of my photographs of protestors in an online gallery at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:


Jerry's Hat Museum

Photographs of Jerry and his collection of hats are published on Atlas Obscura:


Fall Guide for Roadtrippers

My Midwest guide for a fall road trip is out now for Roadtrippers Magazine:


Iowa 80 Truckers Jamboree

Read all about my 18-wheeled adventure at the World's Largest Truckstop in Iowa here:



Trying to write more and could use a posse. Follow me on Medium:


Stranger's Guide to California

A few of my photographs appear in the current California issue of Stranger's Guide Magazine with an essay by Laleh Khadivi. See the article here:


Eddie Adams XXXIV

I participated in the recent Eddie Adams XXXIV and spent the workshop photographing a local senior breakfast spot. See the alumni portfolio finals here:


Circus World

 New article out today about a small circus town. See the article here:

Roadtrippers- The Domes

My latest article out today about The Milwaukee Domes:


Paisley Park

 I toured Paisley Park in memory of the 5-year anniversary since Prince has passed. 

Read about my visit on Roadtrippers magazine:

A Photo Editor

My promo with a little interview was featured on 



 My latest article about a local business serving the community through the pandemic is out today:

Total Eclipse of the Heartland

See my latest article here:



                                                     See my latest article out today on Medium:

Corridors and Convictions

 See my latest article out today about a nun who left the convent after 53 years devoted.

My photograph will be part of Women's Street Photography Exhibition in New York


Portrait of Humanity

 This photo of my son shaving my dad made the 2020 Portrait of Humanity Shortlist:

Roadtrippers articles

 See my complete list of articles for Roadtrippers

Urban Sadldles

See my latest article out today for Roadtrippers Magazine:

Marysville, Kansas

See my article about a small town in Kansas here:

The Bunny Museum

My latest article for Roadtrippers Magazine:


Some of my latest articles are located here

Kingdom Day Parade

See my latest article of photos for Roadtrippers from the Kingdom Day Parade:

Doo Dah Parade Photographs

See the newly published article I did for Roadtrippers Magazine:

New Works

Creating a new website and putting out new works...Stay Tuned...

New Works

The past year I have been sourcing subjects for a long term documentary project that focuses on faith-based communities.  Very excited about the people I have met on this path to enlightenment.