Here is a slide show of some of my pictures from WonderCon this weekend.

Bunny Jam

    I photographed the grand opening of The Bunny Museum for LAist.  See all the pictures here:

Blow Up Magazine

My photographs and an interview are featured in the current issue of

Pantsless Metro Ride for LAist

I photographed the annual No Pants Metro Ride for LAist see all the images here:

My photograph of Angie & Honey is in two exhibitions this month.  At LACP and MOPLA.

2016 took many great people to heaven including my favorite Muscle Beach model Billy.  

Minted Challenge Winner

My photograph "Waiting Room" won a design challenge contest for Minted Designs.
You can now buy my prints directly from my Minted.  Click here to see my shop!

Some of my photographs are in this months annual Photography Art Show at 

This Aint Art School Posted my Martin Parr inspired image:

Open Show Pasadena

I am presenting images from my photography book 

Photography Judge

This month I was honored to be a judge for a photography competition in Arcadia.  The theme was black and white and I awarded the winners at the reception.

Instagram Jam

Some of my photography is included in the art installation at Instagram Jam in Culver City. This event is in connection with the Month of Photo LA.  I have four pictures in the projection slide show.  Including works from my series on poverty and new work from Skid Row.  For ticket info click here:



Images from my self published book WAITING FOR THE SUN were published in RINSE:

Featured Member of the month September

  Los Angeles Center of Photography has chosen me as their member of the month.  They are showing some of my work on their site.  See it here:

Photography Exibitions

My photographs are on exhibition and for sale as part of 2 art shows in July & August: 


Instagram takeover

Splash and Grab, a London based photography magazine, asked me to take over their Instagram feed for this week.  Its Halloween in Hollywood, things might get weird.  Follow along:@FORMandGROOVE @Splashandgrab

Photo Jam Tonight

I am giving a photo presentation 7pm tonight at Avenue 50 Studio.  Will be showing and talking about pictures  from my book: WAITING FOR THE SUN

My photograph was selected for this Latin American Fotografia 3 contest and exhibition

My slaughterhouse photo is 1 of 67 images of  this Latin American Photography exhibition that is touring New York this November.  See it online here:

Lint Roller Published

My series WAITING FOR THE SUN was highlighted on Lintroller.  My work is described as dynamic, memorable and unmistakably American.  

My photo in August Issue of PDN MAGAZINE

ASMP used my photograph for their advertisement in the August 2014 Issue:  Right next to Lynn Goldsmiths' portrait of Patti Smith!

Writers Tribe Review

My photograph was published in Writers Tribe Review Alienation Issue:

Photo Du Jour

My picture of Angie & Honey is Photo Du Jour on Feature Shoot.  See it here:

Add On Photo Festival

My photograph of Billy at Muscle Beach will be at this years photo festival in Australia:

Stampsy & Mossless

The great folks at MOSSLESS added my WAITING FOR THE SUN series on Stampsy to their curated collection!  See the stamp here:

AI-AP Featured my pictures from Oaxaca

AI-AP Newsletter featured my experience and photographs of my Mary Ellen Workshop in Oaxaca last summer.